Count Us In’s mission is to inspire 1 billion citizens to
significantly reduce their carbon pollution and
challenge leaders to deliver bold, global change.




Over 99% of scientists agree. It’s real. It’s here. People are
responsible for it. And if we do nothing, things will get much
worse for us all.

Some of us have already had our lives overturned by
climate change. Many of us haven’t – yet. As the world gets
hotter, floods, fires, droughts, pollution and crop failures will
become more severe and disrupt life as we know it all over
the world. Many of the things we take for granted will be
taken away from us – forever.

It is not too late. We have a choice, and what we do matters.
We can act now to protect our livelihoods and our
communities, and leave a world for our children that is
worth living for.




These 16 steps are the most effective way

to reduce your carbon pollution and persuade others to do the same.

Fly less

Reduce your plane travel to dramatically cut your carbon pollution

Drive electric

Make your next car purchase an electric vehicle

Insulate your home

Install or enhance the loft insulation in your home

Wear clothes to last

Buy fewer new clothes and wear them for longer

Tell your politicians

Ask politicians to act or invest to support our steps

Walk & cycle more

Travel by bike or foot wherever you can

Cut food waste

Reduce the amount of food that is wasted or thrown away in your home

Green your money

Choose financial institutions and funds that invest responsibly

Repair & re-use

Repair your belongings rather than buying new

Dial it down

Turn down the heating in your home by a degree or more (India: turn your AC up by a degree or more)

Speak up at work

Come together with colleagues to make change at a bigger scale

Talk to friends

Start a conversation about Count Us In and encourage others to take a step

Eat more plants

Reduce the amount of meat in your weekly diet

Eat seasonal

Eat food produced at its natural time of the year

Switch your energy

Move your home to a green energy supplier

Get some solar

Install solar panels to generate energy for your home