At Home & at work

Segregate your garbage and recycle all resources. Click here to know more.

Buy recyclable materials & think to reduce plastic when buying

Harvest Water and avoid needless waste of water

Save electricity – switch off when not in use

Find experts and solutions and support in our Directory

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In the community

Join Village Development committees: The Panchayat system needs active citizens to sit on the village development committees and advise on development planning. Be an active citizen and help take care of what you love. Biodiversity? Education? Road Safety? Water and Sanitation? There are 17 to choose from!

Attend Gram Sabhas: Attend your gram Sabha and have your voice heard.

Request local shopkeepers, restaurants and other businesses to participate in
recycling activities.

Download APPs

Map local issues and assets

Download the Pinnit ActforGoa App, for free on Apple and Google Play, and simply take a picture of either the problems that need solving or the important assets you want acknowledged and preserved.

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Are  you or your organization or individual working for a sustainable development in Goa? Then sign up to be listed on our directory..so we can help concern citizens find you and benefit from your services and expertise.


A listing of organizations and active citizens working for a sustainable future for Goa

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    Do you have an action you’d like to promote?

    Posting an action on ActforGoa can help you to recruit volunteers or spread a new idea. Write to us about the action you wish to promote, and we’ll help to get it posted on this page on ActforGoa.


    If you are hosting an event in Goa related to a cleaner and greener Goa, sustainable development or Goa s heritage Let us know about it.

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      Are you a leader who shares our passion for social change? If your up to the challenge, submit your creds below. We are always looking for volunteers who share are passion for protecting and celebrating all the Goa has to offer.


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