In the absence of adequate regulations, Goa is likely to lose its heritage due to neglect, distressed financial conditions of the custodians, family feuds, legal disputes over ownership, ignorance over the cultural, social, historic, architectural, aesthetic value of this heritage. Once lost, these houses can neither be replaced nor replicated. In the present-day scenario of the scarcity of natural resources, environmental destruction, global warming and climate change, it becomes more imperative to conserve scant natural resources and therefore recycle all resources, including heritage structures that have evolved over decades. But, how do we advocate preservation/conservation unless we take stock of what we have in the state? How do we evaluate unless we document? In the absence of adequate regulations or an official list that offers protection to this heritage, there is nothing that prevents this loss to the common collectively held heritage of the state.

Scroll to understand better as to why Goa is in need of adequate heritage regulations, as covered brilliantly in Goa Heritage Action Group’s status report by Heta Pandit




Read the entire report by The Goa heritage Action Group HERE



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