#MakaNakaPlastic is a local Goan movement started by Sensible.Earth aimed at providing a sustainable alternative to single use plastic in Goa.

The aim of #MakaNakaPlastic is to solve three crucial problems, namely:

  • the environmental damage caused by single use plastic
  • to reduce the carbon emissions created by a fast fashion industry
  • and lastly to reduce female unemployment which has recently been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The #MakaNakaPlastic movement aims to change people’s habits of relying on single use plastic by providing a sustainable alternative through the use of upcycled material, more specifically, recycled clothing and other fabrics.  The model of #MakaNakaPlastic is to turn old clothing into upcycled reusable bags made by local women as an alternative to the single use plastic bag.




Read an article HERE on Self Help Groups in Goa contributing to the campaign.




They strictly only use upcycled materials, currently sourced in Goa and Mumbai, so as to ensure that the making of their bags does not provide further waste and an additional burden on the environment.

The #MakaNakaPlastic initiative was launched in the Panjim market on World Environment day 2022 by the Corporation of the City of Panjim along with its collaborators Sensible Earth, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), GIZ (Duetsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), India NAMA-Circular Waste Solutions and FLIP.

The initiative was a 21-day programme where volunteers gave away cloth bags for free to all the shoppers and customers visiting the market. Why 21 days? Because, it takes 21 days to inculcate and develop a habit.

Students of the Community Classroom, a group from the Sunshine Worldwide School-Bainguinnim and a few volunteers from Magsons joined the initiative for a few days.

  • Read further of their programme on Heralds article HERE















It is time we join the movement and make a difference. Carry your own cloth bag, make one using an old T-shirt or any other garment. Get your family members to participate in a group activity and make cloth bags from old garments or discarded cloth. Get your students from your school to join the mission. Get your neighbourhood to take action. Let’s say no to plastic. MAKA NAKA PLASTIC. 



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