What future could be possible if we all worked together to keep Goa Clean and Green now and for the future?

How We Got Started…And Why We Built This Platform

In 2017, more than 250 people came together, across over 20 different participatory gatherings facilitated by Circlewallas, in schools, colleges, NGOs and villages. In these civil society dialogues, people discussed how concerned citizens could contribute more effectively to Goa’s sustainable development. Out of these dialogues came the clarity that: 

People LOVE Goa, the land, the vibrant diverse ecosystems, the people and culture, its unique peaceful way of life – and they fear that all this is at risk from modern development;

People are worried about a range of issues plaguing Goa ranging from water management, pollution, garbage, education, conservation of forests, poor infrastructure, environmental destruction, corruption and land mafia etc.;

People care and want to participate in changing the situation but are not sure what to do, where to access reliable easy-to-understand information, how to find the right people to ask or how to act; 

Many people are already doing great work but in isolation, dispersed around Goa, not reaping the benefits of collaboration

Local development actors at the village level lack the data needed to make sustainable choices

There is a gap between the rhetoric of the Sustainable Development Goals and climate resilience – and people’s understanding and ability to contribute to these through their everyday actions.

ACTFORGOA was created to bridge these gaps and catalyze and support civic action in sustainable development. To provide everyday people with the hope, inspiration, information, tools, connections and opportunities they need to participate in creating a positive story for Goa’s future, contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and be part of global efforts to address climate change, ecosystem collapse and resilience.

ACT4GOA enables citizens to take informed action for Goa’s sustainable developmentprovides access to accessible simple information, helps people know the facts, understand the issues, connect with others, take action.

What we do

● Makes it easier for people to act through simple fact-based resources

● Provides a “Sustainability Green Pages” for Goa

● Provides an outreach channel and additional “window to the world” for activities

● Prevents working in silos and duplication of efforts

● Offers opportunities to take action, volunteer, work, donate etc

● Explains systems of governance that enable citizen participation in town/village planning

● Captures inspiring stories of successful citizens actions.

● Matches Asks and offers of support

● Inspires and guides positive action

● Connects NGOs, government, businesses, academia and individual active citizens working for a sustainable Green Goa

● Fosters dialogue and collaboration between these actors on complex issues

● Informs policy and public opinion

● Builds efforts from collective experience

The values that underpin ActforGoa are

● Nature-rooted- We care for the health of Goa’s vibrant ecosystems and wildlife. We acknowledge a healthy environment creates healthy people and communities and want this for Goa

● People-centered- We believe in people’s right and responsibility to shape their future. We are participatory and action-oriented.

● Collaboration and inclusion – We see the shared responsibility and contributions of government, citizens, business, academia and the media towards sustainable development; We believe that a large and diverse group of people working together come up with better solutions and learn more. We particularly reach out to youth, to whom the future belongs.

● Solutions-oriented and positive – we believe the future of Goa is bright, because solutions exist to our challenges, and people have the ability and resourcefulness to come up with new solutions through dialogue, knowledge-seeking and listening. We seek to inspire action

● Compassion and Mutual Respect – We celebrate the diverse cultures and affiliations in Goa and seek to see the best in all who live here; when we disagree, we doso respectfully.

● Truth-based & informed – we Support Citizen’s Right to Know complete andaccurate information; we will publish content that is fact-based and scientific. We will notrush to judgment and will avoid bias.

Who’s behind ActforGoa?

Out of the 250 people who attended ActforGoa sessions in 2017, a handful of organizations and individuals have been able to contribute significant time and a little bit of money to making ActforGoa possible.

A very special ‘thank you’ to Aaron, Judah, Caleb and the Kodework team who helped to build this website.